1. Discover Bonn running!
    Die Bundesstadt Bonn ist wieder Austragungsort für den großen Frühjahrsklassiker, den Deutsche-Post-Marathon. Bereits zum 17. Mal findet das beliebte Lauffest mit über 13 000 erwarteten Teilnehmern und Zehntausenden Zuschauern entlang des Zweirunden-Kurses statt.
  2. City library
    Is the public library of the Federal City of Bonn
    Is open to all citizens independent of their political or religious orientation
    Serves the general spreading of literature and information
    Has a media stock of about 395. ...
  3. Science
    The fact that Bonn has an important university is evident from the city skyline, which is dominated by the main building of the Alma Mater, founded in 1818.
  4. The University of Bonn
    200 years ago already, Bonn was a site where organised striving for knowledge and discovery took place: first at the Prince Elector’s Academy of Science and then at its Prussian successor, the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität whose main premises, the former Bonn residential castle of the Princes Electors of Cologne, has today become the visible landmark and motor of science and research.
  5. Flooding
    The beautiful and idyllic major river Rhine, with its banks where Bonn is located, may also be malicious. Most of the residents do not only know romantic stories to tell about the river, but also something about its threatening characteristics.