1. Theatres
    Bonn's theatres have staged many internationally acclaimed productions and attract a highly discerning audience.
  2. Municipal archives
    The city archives and the historical library of the city and our third section dealing with the historical documentation of the city are open to all citizens, be it for an individual query or scientific research.
  3. "Pützchens Markt”, Bonn´s Giant Fair: Attractions Galore
    Für Kirmesfans ist es das Highlight des Jahres: Pützchens Markt. Viele beliebte Attraktionen wie Riesenrad und Wildwasserbahn, aber auch zahlreiche Platzneuheiten erwarten bis Dienstag die Jahrmarktbesucher. Um 22 Uhr beginnt das Abschlussfeuerwerk.
  4. Science
    The fact that Bonn has an important university is evident from the city skyline, which is dominated by the main building of the Alma Mater, founded in 1818.
  5. Gerhard Richter: "About painting - early works"
    The exhibition which takes place on the occasion of Gerhard Richter’s 85th birthday will include about 25 key works by the artist. His works neither cultivate a complacent game of colors and forms, nor do they create an unbroken image of reality.