1. Municipal archives
    The city archives and the historical library of the city and our third section dealing with the historical documentation of the city are open to all citizens, be it for an individual query or scientific research.
  2. City library
    Is the public library of the Federal City of Bonn
    Is open to all citizens independent of their political or religious orientation
    Serves the general spreading of literature and information
    Has a media stock of about 395. ...
  3. Pyrotechnical specialists wrap the "Rhine in Flames”
    Every year in early May, a new and spectacular show of light takes place in the Rheinaue Leisure Park. Magnificent fireworks and Bengal lights attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from Germany and abroad. If you wish to witness a unique ambience and see unforgettable images you should earmark May 6 for a visit to Bonn.
  4. Economic Profile Bonn
    In the last 15-20 years, Bonn has successfully engineered a transition from mainly governmental functions to an internationally competitive business structure. In the PDF-brochure 'Economic Profile 2012' you will find more information about the 'Business Location Bonn'.
  5. Ludwig van Beethoven
    The works of Ludwig van Beethoven, Germany's greatest composer, are played throughout the world. At the tender age of 12 he was already creating sonatas and symphonies which to this day form the basis of every good musical education.